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Helping Restore The Tree Canopy of Bay County


Panama City and surrounding areas in the Northwest Florida Panhandle went through the most horrific hurricane known as Michael. With the lowest ever recorded pressure of 919 millibars, ripping through the Gulf of Mexico, Michael used Slash and Long Leaf Pines to bring absolute devastation to the residents of these areas. With over an estimated 80% canopy loss, The Project Canopy is here to help Bay county as we get started with Panama City as our first model project. We will extend to other municipalities as time and funding permits. We are a Florida non profit corporation with pending 501c3 exemption status.

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Helping Restore The Bay County Canopy ....

"The Cove" in Panama City, FL shows a good visual of the estimated 80% canopy loss throughout Bay county as a whole. Panama City lost an estimated 1,000,000 trees just within the city limits. This does not include small towns like Lynn Haven that was almost a 100% canopy loss. 

We estimate Michael releasing approximately 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide back into our local area after his departure. Hypothetically speaking, say half of the trees taken by Michael were 70 years or older. 500,000 mature trees are now gone and now with the lack of oxygen, the coughing begins. If the math holds true, the 37,000 residents of Panama City needs at a minimum 277,500 TREES replanted throughout the city limits to help produce oxygen, help with storm water run-off, filter the sound, slow down traffic, reduce crime and bring new habitats to squirrels and birds. A human breathes in 9.5 tons of air in a single year. Every 70 year old tree or greater that dies, releases 3 tons of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.

The Project Canopy will continue to work with corporate sponsorship and grant programs to generate funds needed for the purchase and installation of trees throughout Bay county.